Wings Without Freedom: The Kidnapping, Neglect and Abuse of Parrots
Caring Not Cruelty on Christmas
The Utterly Deplorable Lives of Factory-Farmed Chickens
Milk is Murder for Cows and Calves
Kidnapping Canines: Southeast Asia's Vile Dog Meat Trade
Flailing in Blood:A Turkey's Plea For Life
The Frightful Fate of Fish Beheaded for Food
Why Me? Unfathomable Torture Behind Fur
The Utter Despair Behind the Captive Dolphin’s Smile
Torturing Animals in Research: Scientifically Invalid, Morally Repugnant
Murder in the Name of Beauty
Ducks in the Line of Fire
Gary Yourofsky: End Animal Murder Now
Puppy Mills: Breeding Tremendous Trouble for Dogs
Fatally Betrayed Equines: Katia Louise's Saving America's Horses
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