Traditional Japanese Shojin Cuisine: Goma Dofu (Sesame Tofu) (In Japanese)   
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(For all ingredients, please use organic versions if available)
50 grams Yoshino arrowroot flour
100 grams polished sesame
400 milliliters kelp broth
2 – 2½ teaspoons beet sugar (according to taste)
Rich soy sauce
Wasabi (Japanese horseradish)
1 radish
Mimi-dashi (Tasty Broth)
100 milliliters kelp broth
10 milliliters light soy sauce

Goma Dofu (Sesame Tofu)
  1. Wash the polished sesame.
  2. Place the polished sesame in a frying pan and roast it with between low and medium flame. Stir and move the sesame seed around from time to time.
  3. When the color of the sesame seed turn brownish a little, check the taste and examine if it is delicious.
  4. When it is nice and roasted, turn off the flame. While the sesame still has residual heat, transfer them to a mortar.
  5. Start grinding the sesame seeds while they are still hot until the become paste. This process will take about 20 to 30 minutes until it become paste.
  6. Take the Yoshino arrowroot flour which has been soaked in water overnight.
  7. Put the soaked flour into a sauce pan. Carefully remove the top layer.
  8. Add the sesame paste.
  9. Slowly add 400 mililiters of broth to the pan while mixing to avoid granules appear from it. If you get granules, you must dissolve them and make them smooth once again.
  10. Add the beet sugar according to taste.
  11. Add the salt.
  12. Mix them well.
  13. Sample the taste before heating. Add sugar or salt whenever necessary.
  14. Take a mould, wet it with water so it will be easier to take to tofu out later.
  15. Cut the wrapping sheet to the mould size, and dampen it too.
  16. Put the pan over the stove with medium and high flame for experienced cook, but use small flame for inexperienced cook.
  17. When heating over the flame, keep mixing well. When mixing, don’t touch the bottom. Make sure to wet the rubber spatula.
  18. As this firms up, it begins to stick to the side of the pan. When that happens, use the spatula.
  19. While keep mixing, little by little it begins to set. Firm grains begin to appear.
  20. At this point, turn down the flame.
  21. When the color is not white enough, knead it as if you are beating down with a stick. This technique will bring about firmness in taste.
  22. Use very low flame.
  23. This kneading may take about 10 minutes.
  24. To determine whether the sesame tofu is ready or not is when they drop slowy and very elastic. They should drop with a splat.
  25. When this moment come, add in the soy sauce. Mix it.
  26. Pour the tofu into the mould, and use rubber spatula to smooth it out and make it flat.
  27. Plunk down the mould several times to force the air out.
  28. Apply the wet wrap to block off the air. The trick is to force down the wrap from inside and to outside. Then put it gently into a vat.
  29. Place it in a refrigerator to set for about half day.
  30. When take the tofu out, let a bit of water and air in to make it easier to take the tofu out of the mould.
  31. Turn it upside down.
  32. Cut it to fit the serving plate.
  33. Use wet knife.
  34. Place the tofu cut on a serving plate.
  35. Take the radish and wash it well and tear off the leaves. Then slice it.
  36. Put the radish into the water.
  37. Start pouring the tasty broth carefully. Do it gently so that the broth does not touch the tofu surface.
  38. Place the cut radish pieces on top of the tofu.
  39. Place the wasabi on top.
  40. Ready to be served.
Mimi-dashi (Tasty Broth)
  1. Take the kelp broth into the pan.
  2. Add in 1 teaspoon of beet sugar.
  3. Add in 10 mililiters of light soy sauce.
  4. Heat it up.
  5. When the broth begins to boil, turn off the flame.
Cool down the broth

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