Chinese Afternoon Tea Snacks:Sweet Soups and Tri-Color Cake (In Chinese)   
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Azuki beans
Sweet yam (cut small)
Tremella (soaked 4 hours)
1 liter water

Tri-Color Sweet Cake
Sweet yam (sliced)
Taro (sliced)
Chinese purple yam (sliced)
Soy milk (optional)
Vegan cream (optional)

Chinese Pear, Red Date, and Tremella Soup
Chinese pear (cut small)
Tremella (soaked 4 hours)
Red dates
Rock crystal sugar
Some water

Direction (to prepare Azuki beans):
1. Put water in a pot
2. Add azuki beans, millet
3. Cover the lid until water boiled
4. Add sweet yam, tremella
5. When boiled add sugar

Direction (to prepare Tri-Color Sweet Cake):
1. Steam the sweet yam, taro and Chinese purple yam altogether
2. Use spoon to mash each of them separately in a cup
3. Put the mashed ingredients into mold as you like
4. Chill the mold

Direction (to prepare Chinese Pear, Red Date, and Tremella Soup):
1. Put water in a pot with high heat
2. Add Chinese pear, tremella, red dates, almonds
3. Cover the lid until water boiled
4. When boiled add sugar

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