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Global Warming: Yes,There is a Solution!    Part 1

You are watching Words of Wisdom Rebroadcast of Live Videoconference with Supreme Master Ching Hai “Global Warming: Yes,There is a Solution!” Lima,Peru - September 12,2009

MC (m): Ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon. The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association cordially welcomes you to the event, “Global Warming: Yes,There is a Solution!”

MC (f): We are grateful for your presence and for granting us your valuable time for this event of such importance to help find solutions to this phenomenon which is seriously threatening planet Earth.

MC (m): It is not a secret that the changes to the climate produced by global warming are creating serious problems for the ecosystems across the whole planet and particularly in Peru, which is just after Bangladesh and Honduras as the third most affected country, because of the huge vulnerability of Peru's bio-diversity.

MC (f): The causes are grave,very grave and innumerable because,actually, the melting of the glaciers, which is happening with increasing frequency, will inundate the coasts, and many other disasters will occur on land. So the question is: How can we solve global warming?

MC (m): For this very reason we have titled this conference “Global Warming: Yes,There is a Solution!” because we will place the most emphasis and thought on making it so.

MC (f): We are grateful to all of you who have attended and we feel very honored that you have given us your valuable time for this important event.

MC (m): Before we continue, we would like to acknowledge and express our appreciation for our distinguished guests who have put aside some of their valuable time to join us today for this critical conference. We would like to thank Fabian Salazar Olivares, Chief of the Congress Protocol of the Republic; Joel Guevaara,Doctor of Homeopathic Medicine; Luis Bueno Quino, Mayor of Chosica; Felix Moreno Caballero, Mayor of Callao; and Mahesh Bachani, Secretary of the Indian Community in Lima SOS Event.

MC (f): We also will be graced by important dignitaries who have sent their good wishes and greetings to Master Ching Hai, sharing her concern regarding the climate change caused by global warming.

MC (m): The first message is from Ingrid Newkirk, Founder and President of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) in the United States.

Ingrid Newkirk(f): Hallo, this is Ingrid Newkirk. I'm the President and Founder of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals,PETA,and all our foreign affiliates. I want to greet everybody at the conference on “Global Warming: There is a Solution!” And yes,there is a solution. It's very simple and it's the message that Supreme Master Ching Hai puts out everywhere and PETA also puts out, and that is: be vegetarian! Pure vegetarian,because there's nothing else that you can do,no matter what car you drive - or no car at all - no matter if you recycle, whatever you do, nothing is more powerful in combating climate change and global warming than not eating animals and not stealing from them the products that they make for their own young.

That is what will preserve our aquifers, our great water resources; will stop major causes of pollution; will stop deforestation - with the forests being torn down now to make these atrocious modern factory farms where animals are treated in abysmally cruel ways. So I am sure that you are going to find solutions today and I urge every one of you to please go home with the message that being purely vegetarian is the best thing for the animals, the best thing for you and your health, for our children, and the best thing for the Earth. That will help with global warming and climate change. Thank you and all the best to every one of you.

MC (f): Thank you,Ms. Newkirk, for your support and your great work towards a vegan planet.

MC (m): The well-known author of the book “Bird Flu: A Virus of Our Own Hatching,” Dr. Michael Greger, also sends his support via video. Dr. Michael Greger is also the Director of Public Health and Animal Agriculture for the Humane Society International.

Dr. Michael Greger(m): Good morning. Greetings to all of you at the “Global Warming: There is a Solution!” conference in Lima,Peru. My name is Dr. Michael Greger. I'm the Director of Public Health and Animal Agriculture at Humane Society International, speaking to you from our Washington D.C. offices. I'm also the author of the book “Bird Flu: Virus of Our Own Hatching,” which is available free, full text online,at BirdFluBook.org.

To help prevent future pandemics, we need to end the industrialized production of animals for food. Or,even better, as an editorial in the journal of the largest association of public health professionals in the world suggested, cease eating animals altogether. Now,in terms of protecting oneself during the current pandemic, we've known for 20 years that the immune function of vegetarians is superior to that of those eating meat. Researchers in 1989 at the German Cancer Research Center showed that although vegetarians and meat eaters have the same number of immune system cells, the white blood cells of vegetarians are twice as effective in destroying target cells. So that means not only cancer cells, but virus-infected cells as well. So a plant-based diet may protect against pandemic influenza both now and in the future. Be with God. Thank you.

MC (f): Thank you,Dr. Greger. We appreciate your thoughtful comments and concern for our animal co-inhabitants.

MC (m): Now Jesse White, Secretary of State of Illinois,USA, has a message for us.

Jesse White (m): I am Illinois Secretary of State,Jesse White,and I want to congratulate Supreme Master Ching Hai for her participation in this wonderful conference that's going to take place in Lima,Peru. It's important for the people of this world to know as much as they possibly can about global warming and its negative effects upon the environment. We,as citizens of the world, must do all we can to help our environment so that our future leaders, young people, will one day enjoy the fruits of your labor and enjoy life the way that we are enjoying it now. Only the best to the participants at this wonderful conference in Lima,Peru. And I want to thank you again for being a source of information and inspiration to us all. It's a win-win situation for the world when we share our thoughts and ideas about how we can best make the world a better place in which to live. Thank you.

MC (f): Thank you for taking time out of your day to send us this greeting.

MC (m): From Costa Rica, Jose Manuel Echandi Meza, Member of Parliament, also sends a message for our conference.

JM(m): I would like to thank Master for her effort to raise awareness in human beings about the care we should have towards all forms of life. And in this regard, I want to extend my best wishes to all of you to have great success in this event in Peru, and likewise, to achieve awareness through these activities on how meat consumption is strongly impacting the warming of our planet, and affecting life; not only the lives of the animals that are slaughtered, but also the lives of human beings that are in danger due to global warming.

Therefore, it is essential to do this. We would like to consume vegetarian food in order to avoid the fast increase of warming caused by humans, whereby forests are destroyed to cultivate pasture for livestock that are slaughtered afterwards, and where pollution due to consumption of meat is higher than carbon pollution on our planet. That's why I think the work that Master is doing is very noble,and it should not stop there. We must urge different government authorities to eliminate meat subsidies and the incentives for meat to justify something that is not justifiable at all, as is the slaughter of animals all over the planet, when actually, by consuming plants and grains we could feed the entire world population on this planet. Be veg! Go green! And save the planet!

MC(f): Thank you,sir, for your supportive and kind words.

MC(m): From across the world, David Román,President of the Vegetarian Union in Spain, sends his message for our conference.

DR(m): Hallo,I am David Román, President of the Spanish Vegetarian Union. Basically,what we want is to align ourselves with this initiative and to congratulate the organizers for the celebration of this event in Lima,Peru. From Spain, we send greetings, a message of support, and we want to give input too with our little contribution. Our association has been working for a couple of years to promote the vegetarian diet in our country. It has been proven time and again that most of the environmental problems that we are suffering and the health problems are problems that are apparently solvable but that are caused by the dependence humanity has on animal products.

This dependence has generated an enormous pressure on the resources of the planet and it is the main cause for its deterioration. This problem does have a solution. Climate change has a solution. The evolution toward a vegetarian diet, which is what we are proposing, will bring enormous benefits at all levels,both to the health of the people, as well as in moral and spiritual progress, and also in the conservation of the planet, which is suffering the consequences of our wrong habits.

The interest in how eating is impacting the environment has already caused Belgium to officially establish one vegetarian day a week in which everyone is encouraged to lead a vegetarian diet even if it is only that one day a week. This initiative has had an exceptional reception and it is to be extended to many other countries around the world. We believe that it is a very important step. It should serve as an example and motivate us to broaden this initiative. We encourage everyone to start this solution to the climate change problem through this modest initiative that will make people become more and more aware.

MC(f): Those were very wonderful messages from very caring people all over the world who are also concerned about the state of our planet, like every one of you here today. Thank you, Ms. Newkirk,Dr. Greger, the Honorable Jesse White and José Manuel Echandi Meza, and Mr. Román for sending your support and sharing your message with our viewers and everyone here today.

MC(m): We are very pleased to inform you that today's very meaningful event is being broadcast live on Supreme Master Television,a free to air television channel broadcasting 24/7 on 14 satellite platforms, covering 6 continents, 11 cable television channels, 18 websites and is also live broadcast on the website SupremeMasterTV.com. You can rely on Supreme Master Television for the truth about the climate crisis and for the latest information.

MC(f): We are also pleased to announce that we are being broadcast live on RBC Television, channel 11, Radio Latina 990,which is at frequency 990AM.

MC(m): When we think about Mother Earth,called the Pacha Mama in Peru, and all the beautiful attributes that she provides us, of all the range of natural nourishment, exuberant and beautiful vegetation, and the grand diversity of plants and handsome co-inhabitant friends - the animals, enchanting,faithful, and so meaningful in their habitat - we should feel very fortunate to live on this beautiful planet and guard it as the most precious treasure. Because really, it's our home.

MC(f): However,every day we see how this beautiful haven - where we live thoroughly enjoying the marvels of its climate, its eco-system and all the bounties that it provides to keep us healthy, vigorous,and happy - is being destroyed. More accurately, we are collaborating in its extinction.

MC(m): We have scientific information of these climate changes from much respected institutions,such as NASA and others. They are very worried because of the magnitude and rate with which they are occurring all over the planet and particularly in our country.

MC(f): The beauty of our glaciers, such as the Pastoruri Glacier - with tourist sites and emblems known all over the world for its vistas - today,at this moment, is dying,melting at an alarming rate. This was 8 meters a year in 1976,and today it has dramatically increased to 20 meters a year.

MC(m): On the other hand, in the higher elevations of our mountain ranges in the provinces of Puno, Cerro de Pasco and others, temperatures have dropped to lower than 15 degrees below zero, producing an intense cold which has taken countless victims.

MC(f): Peru is home to 70% of the world's tropical glaciers and the rising temperatures are causing the rapid melting of these giant glaciers of our beautiful snowy mountain range, also affecting countries such as Bolivia, Colombia,and Ecuador. While one scientific study shows that, in just five years, many of these could disappear, which would rob us in a short time of the water which is such an important element of our lives.

MC(m): Daily we can confirm news from media sources with dramatic reports of the global warming that devastates the whole planet, such as floods,droughts, earthquakes,tsunamis, sicknesses and plagues, environmental contamination,and the extinction of species of plants and animals.

MC(f): Next,we will show you a video with a very important message. The video is entitled “Dr. Rajendra Pachauri on the Impact of Meat Production and Consumption.”

MC(m): Ladies and gentlemen, we are happy to present you our distinguished guests who will share their thoughts on this grave issue of global warming. First,we have Mrs. Cecilia Brack Mendiola, sociologist and author. She trains teachers in subjects related to the environment, management and consumption of natural resources. Mrs. Brack has written nine books on environmental education, management and climate change, conservation and environmental protection. Please give her a warm welcome applause.

Mrs. Cecilia Mendiola (f): It is a pleasure to be here with you, thank you very much for the invitation, and I'd really like to talk about global warming and the angle I would like to give to it is: “Global Warming: Opportunity to Change.” Global warming seen in the context of our relationship with nature and with our co-inhabitants on Earth should lead us to rethink the foundation of the relationship with the natural environment and the relationships we have with others, the way we perceive the natural world,and ourselves as part of it. This environmental crisis signals a profound disconnect in our view of the world and natural resources, and is upsetting concepts from various sciences, including economic sciences.

Therefore, the notion of “value” that societies distinguish between economic and non-economic assets is challenged, for example, in the issue of environmental pollution. This makes us ask whether air should remain a good that is not assigned economic,social, or environmental value. The same happens with the environmental services of water,basins, and forests. If we were to recognize that they have an economic,social, environmental value, we could find a point of support to reverse these processes.

Clearly,the major environmental problems of Peru that contribute to global warming have to do with the change in the use of land, the cutting and burning of trees, shifting agriculture, illegal logging, intensive agriculture, the artisanal mining, which results in the loss of wetlands. The other has to do with waste management. Because of our activities, due to the consumerism that we practice, which is managed inappropriately,the result is the emission of one of the most aggressive of gases - methane. However,in Peru, the most serious problem will be the lack of water… the depletion of water along the coast where most of the Peruvian population lives.

In addition to these problems we have poverty, lack of education and information, and in many cases, lack of responsibility in order to solve problems that affect human health and deteriorate the environment, and that demonstrates a detachment towards the natural resources which our own life depends upon. Perhaps,it has to do with our inability to feel that we are part of a global community, and the ignorance that ecosystems cannot absorb everything we generate, causing serious damages, and that ecosystems have a limit,and it seems that we are at that point. If we want to continue living on a planet that provides us life and well-being, which is a privilege, we cannot continue to trust in fate, ignorantly believing that resources and common goods are immutable and infinite.

On one hand, overconsumption and greed are depleting the natural environment. On the other hand, public policies, which pay no attention to poverty,abandonment and basic needs, deeply impact ecosystems. We cannot continue living with the idea of an opulent society as an example of well-being and a paradigm of development. Frugality and restraint should guide our lives. We must make extraordinary efforts to balance our relationship with the natural environment which, after all,sustains us.

We must feel that we are a part of this system and be responsible in our actions so as not to create disturbances in natural systems, using science and technology to find ways to live so that the byproducts of our lives do not exceed the capacity of the general ecosystem to process them: changing our lifestyles, saving water, planting trees, reducing our waste, reusing,recycling, eating organic products, focusing on just fruits and vegetables,avoiding the use of red meat; use clean energies at home, like energy-saving bulbs; healthy means of transportation; demand environmental commitments with long-term vision from our politicians; get informed and actively participate as motivators of change, i.e. build community. We should change the way we see the world in order to be able to change our attitude and our actions.

Begin to value “being” and not “having.” Find a way of life that does not look for a quick profit at any cost. This is a wake-up call from the great ecosystem that we are living in now, no? This leads us to re-define a way to live together in harmony with the environment. Nature has the formula, the search for permanent balance, with means of solidarity, compassion,and respect towards others, including natural resources. Small actions make a great difference.

Our responsibility is to sow environmental awareness in every person,and to look and use aesthetics to promote a life of balance, a culture that adapts to the requirements of the overall ecosystem, which is our home, the Earth. We must celebrate every day of our life and especially life on Earth; this planet is unique in the huge universe. Our greatest human achievement is summarized in the creation of the design of man, what we call humanity. A humanity in which we are all different; no being is the same as any other one. There are over 6.7 billion people living in this world - unique,perfect entities capable of great creations and also of the greatest disasters.

We have two choices: either to see each other as adversaries and destroy each other outright, or to look at each other in the eye and achieve communion. And so,look with love to give birth to a new being. This new revolution is taking place across the board, and by challenging the epistemological. We have to protect what we have achieved. There is a common root to the environmental problems. We have to take action in public policies and in individual actions, raising awareness about participation and the urgency to act. Thank you very much.

MC(f): Thank you so much for your wise message, Mrs. Mendiola.

MC(m): We now have the opportunity to present a well-known musician and actor from Argentina who is also a defender of animals and their rights - Mr. Nicolás Pauls. Let's put our hands together for him.

Mr. Nicolas Pauls (m): Hallo. I am Nicolás. I am Argentinean. I am a musician and an actor, as you've just heard. Seventeen years ago I was sitting with a friend talking on a street in Brazil, and I understood how unnecessary it was to kill animals to feed yourself. And from that moment on, many things changed in my life. Although it was a change that came from a time in the past, but at that point I really saw the light and this truth; and many doors and windows began to open for me. I think that everything that we do in life affects the way we live.

The Earth is also a living being, and whatever we do to it, whatever we take from it, the Earth receives it, acknowledges it and reacts to everything that we do to it. So I believe that is why we must be very aware of what each one of us does with his or her life and with the life of others, and with that of the life of the Earth as well. I received this invitation, which for me is a joy and a huge honor to be here with you. And I just want to share with you some ideas that relate to my view on what happens and what is happening.

Many years ago human beings started to devastate a planet which for millions and millions of years was in harmony, had maintained harmony. So we still have time,but we have little time left. We are in a critical moment. Before we thought and we said that there was still time to change some aspects related to the devastation of the planet by human beings. But now,definitely we don't have time left. Or maybe the time that we have left is very little. Therefore, we should use it, in principle, to change our side to nurture love towards every human being, to raise consciousness.

And when I say “raising consciousness,” I am thinking about looking at the other person with all the respect that all life deserves. I think,actually, everything we do in life unavoidably produces pain at some point. And the less pain we cause, the lighter we will go through this stage. Maybe the shirt that I am wearing today here was made at some place where those who worked to sew it, either worked in very unhealthy conditions of hygiene or their work was poorly paid,and perhaps that's something that I also read as injustice or pain.

Therefore, we need to be aware of every action in our lives. Because I cannot conceive of being satisfied when there is pain. Every little movement that we make has an effect in a different place. Therefore,I wonder, is it necessary to kill animals for food? Is it necessary to dress yourself with leather clothing?  No,definitely that is not necessary. In life, everything feeds and educates us. What we read, what we see, what we eat, what we listen to makes a person. In my case, for example,the records that I listened to, without a doubt, affect my way of playing. The books I read affect my way of talking,or the way I write. Therefore,why shouldn't the food we eat have an influence on the way we express ourselves? Food,in human behavior, has a critical place.

Hippocrates,who is perhaps the father of modern Western medicine said: “Let food be your nourishment,and let food be your medicine.” If you knew clearly how painful and suffering the life of an animal is, to only end up on a plate I believe that only someone who is not aware and heartless could eat them. I have often wondered what message of love and hope the human race can give when such a high percentage of the population is fed on corpses? The truth is that I do not know. Because it would seem that death and slaughter are the normal currency. We walk on the street and find posters where they promote meat and promote lives, it seems pain is not important for us anymore. It seems that it doesn't matter to many people.

There are few human beings throughout history who can be taken as an example,I think. I think everyone follows their own path - they have their doubts, their convictions, their certainties, their tribulations, and their errors. But I do believe that those who know that absolute truth, which is the respect for everything, for all living entities, we must communicate it. And if,in addition, we know it will change the course of a devastated planet, we must join forces with haste. And when we can see this, that path certainly has no return because we can no longer look back. On the contrary, I think that it increases with every step,and then we must begin to communicate the concept of a vegetarian world, because we know that by changing this idea, and this conception and by beginning to prioritize the respect for all living beings, we can return the air to the planet so it can breathe again. Thank you.

MC (f): Thank you, Mr. Nicolás Pauls, for your valuable message.

If you look at the entire commercialized meat cycle, let's start with the killing of the animal itself. It has to be preserved,
MC (m): Now,we would like to present Mr. Gilberto Romero Zevallos, Director of the Center of Study for the Prevention of Disasters,PREDES. We welcome him with a warm applause.

Mr. Gilberto Romero Zevallos(m): I appreciate this opportunity that you have given me to say a few words and relay a message relating to climate change and disasters. The climate is changing rapidly as a result of air pollution from gases produced by human and industrial activities. Changes in the weather Means changes in the environmental temperature and in rainfall. The future scenario shows that on average, temperatures will increase on the planet and precipitation will be altered. Currently, these climate changes have already had negative impacts on vulnerable communities and their livelihoods in Peru,one of the countries most affected by climate change.

As a result of global climate change, an increasing number of climatic and meteorological events are occurring, as well as changes in the intensity and frequency of the events. Due to climate change, disasters are increasing, as people have not been able to adapt to this process that has been accelerated and that has sudden and unexpected changes on the climate,with different manifestations which are not yet predictable. In the case of Peru, the climatic events are occurring with more and more frequency and intensity, creating disasters and many kinds of damage to vulnerable populations - mainly freezing, snowfalls,waves of intense cold,droughts, which means a lack of or complete absence of rains.

Also landslides and floods are increasing because of intense and unexpected rainfalls. The country is undergoing a process of melting; we are losing glaciers and periodically enormous glaciers collapse, causing floods in many towns and in the Andean valleys. But the disasters that occur due to climatic events are not natural. It is a fallacy to say that disasters are natural, because disasters only occur when there are vulnerable communities exposed to events that can harm them. And that's happening in our country. The level of exposure, sensitivity and fragility of our people to climatic events has increased.

At the same time, if we look from the perspective of the causes, we will admit that there is human action, industrial activity that is accelerating climate change in a dramatic way. Disasters in small communities that they suffer every year with ever greater intensity do not appear in the media, and therefore they don't attract the attention of the aid organizations. Most of them are small disasters, and because of the continuous damage that poor rural communities suffer, poverty is becoming worse with no chance of stopping the cycle.

Rural communities in the Peruvian Andes are suffering climate impacts,such as more irregular rainfall, long periods without rains, sudden temperature changes, greater solar radiation, which damage crops and impede food production and security - so important in these communities that produce just enough for their own consumption. As a result, the dried food reserves that they use throughout the year are increasingly reduced, causing migration of the highland Andean communities to the cities.

So people leave their traditional homes, whereupon the ecosystems are placed at risk, due to the absence of communities that have knowledge and wisdom to maintain those ecosystems. It is important to take action on all levels of society in order to affect the causes that are generating climate change and global warming but also to reduce the vulnerabilities of the poor communities in our country. Thank you very much.

MC (f): Many thanks, Mr. Gilberto Romero Zevallos.

MC (m): Our final guest speaker is Miss Wendy Lau Cordero, a student of chemistry at the National University Mayor de San Marcos. She has participated in the Tunza Program, 』Treating our Planet with Care and Affection,』 from the United Nations for the Environment. Please give her a round of applause.

Miss Wendy Lau Cordero(f): Good evening,everyone. First of all, it is a pleasure for me. Thank you for the invitation. I am a volunteer for an environmental group, Acapu Peru, and I also participate in an organization with a group of chemistry faculty. Every two years,the United Nations Program for the Environment, UNEP in English, or PNUMA, organizes conferences. As there are world events every two years - for countries to sign agreements, to take measures to stop climate change, to continue solving this - so young people convene from all over the world for this kind of conference.

This year we had a conference of children and youth in South Korea. I was invited to this conference in August. It was a conference held from August 16 to 24. In this conference there were over 200 guests from 100 different countries where we tried to solve environmental problems in our countries. Among the many current topics that were discussed, the most important was climate change. We discussed several things - we had regional meetings - in our case for example, Peru with the countries in Latin America, Central America,Mexico and the Caribbean Islands, we all made up a region which is Latin America and the Caribbean. So we accepted the commitment of being regional youth representatives or delegates of our own countries.

Furthermore,we agreed to report on UNEPactivities for Peru and report activities that we,as young people, carry out. I would like you to think about such a strong organization, such as the UN that invites young people to help,it is because the environmental problems are really serious and climate change is hammering all of us, and if the temperature really does go up those two degrees, the first ones to be affected will be us, the Peruvian people, owing to our equatorial location and the great wealth of resources that we have, we will be very much affected. We are the third country most affected in this process.

I would like to share with you some activities planned by UNEP which are very important. The summit meeting of the top leaders for UNEP is going to take place on September 22nd, so what we propose for this conference is for young people, as well as adults and children,to take action and strongly promote in our countries the signing of an agreement in December in Copenhagen where Peru has also been invited. And then we have an activity on September 19, which is planting trees.

What we want is for countries to plant trees on the same day to prevent the increase of CO2 which is affecting us tremendously with all these new events that are happening in our life. We also have the petition for climate change, which is the petition that has been sent through email, through the internet for all the young people, adults,all of us who want to support this campaign,to sign it. This website is www.pnuma.org/sellemos/index.php. We have as well the date for the assembly of climate change; we are going to present the petition there and we hope to get over 10,000 signatures from young people and people from all over the world.

Then,on September 22nd, the main day,the day when the delegates will meet… so what we are trying to do is something wonderful, something great,something to show the world that we want to have a change, and we want to do something to call attention. That day, wear green clothing, use a green nose, do activities in your neighborhood, in your communities, we want to show that we really want changes. We also have the occasion of the 23rd which is the promotional day for a neutral climate where we need to look for the ways to decrease our ecological footprints, which is something extremely important.

Then,on the 24th, we are going to have 『Climate Voices』 in which we are going to show those people who are making an effort to try to fight against climate change, and we also would like to recognize those people and victims of climate change. As we all now know very well from the news, we are informed about cases in the mountains with freezing temperatures and it's not fair that people die because of others' huge negligence. The last event we have is the Day of Climate Solutions,when we can look for solutions on the scientific level with volunteers, about how we can solve this problem.

Another commitment was that on October 24th, there's going to be a worldwide event. This is the day when we will demand that the amount of CO2 be reduced to 350 parts per million in the air. This is a worldwide campaign in which Peru is going to participate and make a very strong showing. I invite all of you to sign this agreement, which is something being done on the internet and which Peru is really supporting and promoting because we really need to take measures for change. Thank you.

MC(f): Many thanks, Ms. Cordero, for sharing your comments and experiences with us.

MC (m): Our next segment is a question-and-answer period. We would also like to introduce,at this time our Guest of Honor, Supreme Master Ching Hai, who will be joining us live via videoconference to answer some of the questions that we have.

MC(f): Supreme Master Ching Hai is a world-renowned humanitarian, spiritual Master, philanthropist and artist. Supreme Master Ching Hai has for more than 20 years been sharing her wisdom and deep understanding, traveling across the world and bringing her message of love for living a complete life. She continues to dedicate her time and energy to elevate and better the life of all beings.

MC (m): We are now very happy to announce that Supreme Master Ching Hai, our special guest, has honored us by joining this question-and-answer session. Please receive her with a round of applause.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Hallo,everyone.

MC (m): Hi,Master. MC (f): Hallo,Master.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Hi.

MC (f): You look wonderful today.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Thank you! Thank you.

MC (m): How are you,Master?

Supreme Master Ching Hai: I am fine,I am fine. How are you? MC (f): Fine. We are happy to see you, Master.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Yes,I am happy too. It's a pleasure to be here for me,too. MC (f): Thank you,Master. Your Spanish is wonderful!

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Thank you very much.

MC (m): Dear Master, welcome to Lima,Peru! It's so great to see you!

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Thank you.

MC (m): We feel so honored that you can join us for this conference despite your busy schedule. Thank you so much, Master. Let's all give a big round of applause to welcome Supreme Master Ching Hai, our special Guest of Honor.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Thank you. Let me say hallo to your people,first. MC (f): Yes,sure.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Good afternoon, everyone. MC (f): Good afternoon. MC (m): Good afternoon,Master.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: How are you doing? Are you okay? Yes? Very well? All: (Yes.) Hallo,everyone.

Greetings to all the beautiful people of Peru: Esteemed government officials,dignitaries and speakers,members of the media,and all the caring participants. Thank you for coming today in our shared concern about global warming and the survival of our wonderful planet. Your country Peru is graced with diverse natural landscapes, with deserts, ocean coastline, you have everything - you have rainforests,tall, majestic mountain ranges. We all know that these places are worthy of protection, not only for themselves, not only for the Peruvian but for the sake of all the living beings who inhabit them, including all the people and all other beings in the world, our families and ourselves.

I am pleased to be here and I'm very grateful that this conference is being held today in your magnificent country. As many of you already know, the right actions are needed by each and every person in this world,so I wish everyone something new and beneficial from this event. Thank you again for being here. Thank you very much.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: I'm ready for your questions. MC(m): Thank you,Master.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: I hope you have a very good time.

MC(f): Thank you,Master.

MC (m): Dear Master, the first two questions are from Wendy Lau, a UNEP participant.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Yes,please go ahead.

Wendy Lau (f): The first question, what do you see as the weakness in science in solving climate change and diverse environmental problems? The second question, why do we have to solve environmental problems from the spiritual side?

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Yes,yes,yes.

Hallo,Ms. Wendy. I believe science is doing a good job already in diligently researching and informing the public about the critical stage on Earth that we are facing in terms of global warming. Without science, we probably, the majority of us, would not have known anything at all about our dire state of planetary crisis. So, after the United Nations' announcement of the tipping points that mark an irreversible trend, many scientists have stepped forward with detailed research on climate changes.

As a recent example, US and Canadian scientists travelling to the Arctic have noted increased methane gas being released from the Earth's melting permafrost, which is storing immense amounts of methane beneath the frozen surface. Other research has also highlighted how quickly the temperature is rising in the Arctic, much faster than in the rest of the world. This means a vast quantity of methane could be released from the previously frozen soil very quickly, which would be a complete disaster for life on Earth. So,we are truly in a grave ecological situation, and the scientists have done a fine job in raising awareness on the climate issues through their dedicated research and updated reports.

If you mean the technology to minimize the global warming effect, there are some minimums that have been invented and installed,but the benefit is also minimum! Even with all the scientific research and invention,even if we could have invented something more, it takes long time, it takes more than what we can afford right now to bring them into materialization,you see? All other technology takes a long,long, long time also to be in the market, to materialize, if we can make it till then!

In trying to minimize these dire effects, both scientific and spiritual approaches can be applied. Scientifically speaking, methane from livestock is a major contributor to global warming today. This has been documented by many different scientific bodies, the first of which of course, was the United Nations' report in 2006 - everybody knows by now - called 『Livestock's Long Shadow.』 Since then, much more research has been published about livestock, meat production and greenhouse gases.

One fact is clear: if we stop meat consumption and livestock raising, we will also eliminate one of the most heat-trapping gases, which is methane. And since this gas disappears more quickly from the atmosphere, the planet will cool almost immediately. This will also address problems like the melting permafrost, which will otherwise emit more methane if nothing is done to halt it. We cannot blame the scientists or any scientific technology for the problem of our planet today. They have done their best. Even the spiritual people or non spiritual people, we have to do our best as well. The fate of our planet is in our hands before the scientists can do anything to help us.

Professor John Schellnhuber, founding Director of Germany's Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, and also Chief Government Advisor on climate change to the German government, told Supreme Master Television in an interview that without changing course, our currently unsustainable practices will 『lead to a big crash,』 that's to quote him. And,to stop this crash from being many times bigger, we have to act now. Professor Schellnhuber said that the world's population cannot be sustained on the energy and land demands of a meat diet.

So,a switch to vegetarianism or veganism is needed to continue supporting our life on Earth. So this is the scientific perspective. But you are right also about approaching climate change from a spiritual standpoint. Every religion speaks in some way of the law of karma, or 』as you sow, so shall you reap.』 This is explained through science as a principle of physics, which says every action causes an equal consequence.

So the law of karma (retribution) and science are the same - meaning that whatever we do is returned to us. From this perspective, we would obviously wish to avoid killing; otherwise, we will reap the killing karma (retribution) in return. All the wise teachings of past and present Masters have thus espoused only love and kindness toward one another. 『Thou shall not kill』 is a basic precept of any faith. Therefore, we must return fully to our noble spiritual heritage. Only this can bring us permanent safety and protection by begetting the mercy of Heaven in which we can take refuge. Thank you very much.

MC(f): Thank you,Master,for your insightful thoughts. SM(f): Good question.

MC(f): The next question is for Mrs. Mendiola from Fernando Zabala, a social communicator. SM(f): Hallo.

Mr. Fernando Alejandro Zavala (m): Good afternoon. I have a question that affects us directly as citizens. When we talk about the global environmental crisis, all responsibility has been put on big enterprises, big mining companies, or governments or on the big NGOs, environmentalists,right? However,we also have a responsibility in this respect. In this regard, we as citizens, how can we contribute to mitigate the effects of global warming? From our home, how can we act to mitigate this? Thank you very much.

Mrs. Mendiola (f): Yes,of course. As citizens,we can make small changes that taken together can make a great change. One of the first things we have to do is to reduce solid waste - what we call 』rubbish,』 we can reduce it. We can use all the organic waste, we can make eco-silos, we can compost, and at the same time, create a by-product that we can use in our patio gardens, or in pot planting,etc.

Second,we can reduce our energy consumption by using energy saving bulbs, turning off lights and all the electrical appliances, unplugging things that are on stand-by, that many electrical appliances have,right? In this way,we can reduce energy greatly. Let me remind you that all energy generated is fossil fuel based, which generates CO2, right? Luckily our country has hydroelectric energy but we can reduce consumption.

Another very important thing is to change our consumption habits. For example, we,as an organization, are promoting organic agriculture and we have a campaign called 『Five a Day,』 which encourages families to eat five fruits or vegetables a day,which, besides benefiting your personal health,also benefits the environment. As Master said, try to be vegetarians, this is going to contribute greatly. We can,for example, if we live in a place where there is non potable water or sewage, we should consider some technology, for example, we are already building what is known as a dry toilet system, these toilets don't use any water and at the same time create by-products that could be useful for recycling in the environment, complying with the rules of nature.

We have to use the bicycle. If we have a car, we have to look after it, maintain it. Because if we don't maintain our car according to the manufacturer's recommendation,we are generating toxic gases, we are generating particles that are going into our lungs,creating health problems for us and contributing to global warming,and so we have a city like Lima that is completely polluted.

For example, we can refrain from eating or buying species of wild fauna that sometimes we see being sold here on the streets. The wild fauna have to live in their habitat, we cannot have them at home. We have to lower our energy consumption. We are an energy- dependent society, so by lowering our energy consumption, we can contribute greatly. Remember,we are all energy consumers and as consumers we have to learn to be responsible consumers. So,when we go to the market, we refuse plastic bags.

Because the plastic bags require a lot of energy to be produced,and let me remind you that they are made of fossil fuels. Let's use our cloth bags. When you go shopping, read the labels in order to know whether the company you are buying from is a responsible company in social and environmental aspects, whether they protect the ozone layer, and whether they fulfill all technical regulations that the country requires. We have to know the market more, because many times, the market,in which we are all involved, affects us and guides us.

Sometimes we are not aware and keep trying to acquire things. Let´s try to be responsible in the marketplace. Our consumption has changed our way of being. And we have to reflect on the manner in which we are consuming in order to generate different patterns of consumption that are more environmentally compatible with our world. In the market,even in the way we purchase, we can act responsibly toward the environment. Let me remind you that we have a great power as consumers in what to purchase and what not to purchase. With that, we can change our world.

MC (f): Thank you,Mrs. Mendiola for this precious answer and advice.

Mario Samanez YañezMayor of Villa Rica de OropesaCuzco,Peru: I'm going to take this message to Cuzco City to convey to the other mayors and I see the interest of so many people here that are so keen to know about the issue we're facing. The important message would be that we have to think what kind of future we are leaving to our children,grandchildren; because if we do not do anything now, what are we doing?

Aldo LazovazanBank analystVegetarian: The idea of being able to help to save the world by being a vegetarian - because I'm a vegetarian and it is a very positive thing,no?It is the best way to contribute to the welfare of everybody,no? But not only vegetarian, vegan is even better,no? If a person could do that, he would be contributing in the best possible way.

Juana FernándezConference participant J(f): And teach children to keep the place where they live clean. Master Ching Hai's conference is very good, very good. I applaud it.

Ester PachecoConference participant Supreme Master TV_2 (m): What did you learn this night?

E(f): A lot for my future quality of life.

Supreme Master TV_2 (m): Are you thinking of adopting a vegan diet?

E(f): Yes. For a long time I haven't eaten beef, \\ but now I am motivated to eat only vegetables.

Oscar Ruiz TelloMember of the National United Peoples Frontfrom the Amazon: We have come from a long distance to this conference, which is very important for all of us, also to be able to educate our people,our region of the Amazon.

Supreme Master TV (m): And,have learned you something tonight that you could use in your work?

O (m): Right,this is a job that, as leaders of organizations at the national level, we are going to start working with this. And although it is difficult but not impossible, and we will do it in our region of the Amazon and, as I said,to be vegetarian and by this way we can save our planet.
Master, Mayte Loredo, a chef, a naturalist, and business woman would like to ask the next question.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Please, go ahead.

MC (f): She couldn't come, but she left her question. Thirty years ago, my husband and I decided to become vegetarian based on the principle of respect for life and non-violence. Today, doctors recommend us not to abuse them for health reasons. Additionally, we are finding out that this excessive consumption not only negatively affects human health but the health of the planet as well. When a hamburger arrives on my table, what does it involve in terms of climate change?

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Please tell Ms. Loredo that I'm very happy that she and her husband decided to be vegetarian, and for 30 years even. That's a very long, sincere commitment. She and her husband are very smart and so loving to decide to follow their heart. I thank her for asking this beneficial question for the sake of the public. There are a lot of scientific reports made about the costs of meat eating, so I'm sure you are asking for the sake of people who may not be aware.

So, please, allow me to state some of the costs of what we are dealing with for the next time one is about to eat a hamburger. The cost of a hamburger appears to us as cheap. But without the enormous subsidies involved in the meat industry, the real monetary cost of a hamburger would be much higher, much higher, at least US$12.

There are so many costs and resources involved for that one hamburger that you are asking about, from the field to the plate, and all the processes in between. From burning the precious forests to growing the corn and soy to feed the cows, to making the fertilizer and watering these feed crops, to giving the cows huge amounts of healthy land and water, hormones and antibiotics are also forcefully fed to the cows, and we will eat all that.

Then, the transport over long distances here and there and finally to the slaughterhouse, to freezing the meat so that it does not rot as it is supposed to, then finally, it has to be cooked before reaching the plate - and cooked well because, for example, the US Department of Agriculture found that 89% of beef hamburger patties contained traces of the deadly E. coli bacteria. Eighty-nine percent of the beef hamburger contains traces of E. coli. There is more that goes in the hamburger than what you think you see.

Here are just a few examples. Destruction of land: First, land must be cleared to raise the cows. For one hamburger, there are 55 square feet of destroyed tropical rainforest, which is an equivalent of 75 kilograms of CO2, or driving your car for 5 days straight. Also, biodiversity loss. In the process, we lose up to 30 plant species, 100 insect species - I mean the beneficial one as well - and dozens of birds, mammals, etc.

Now, it contributes to hunger. Some of the deforested land is used to grow grains. Oftentimes, poor families are forced off their land in the process. One hamburger costs 4 pounds of grain that was consumed by the cow - that's about 3 loaves of bread or 8 plates of spaghetti that could have fed a number of hungry people. So, another cold cost of a hamburger is human starvation.

Now, we have topsoil loss: For one hamburger, 10 pounds of topsoil for farming are eroded and lost for hundreds of years, a very serious problem. Now, greenhouse gases. Next, one hamburger alone is responsible for greenhouse gas emissions. The methane gas emitted for that piece of meat alone weighs approximately 4.7 ounces, but it has the same heat-trapping effect as 6.8 pounds of CO2, because methane is very potent.

Water waste: not only land and food, but water is also required in huge amounts. Just one pound of hamburger beef costs 3,000 gallons of clean water, or, it would cost you about six months of showers. Six months without taking a shower, for one pound of hamburger beef alone. Imagine that! On a side note, one cow in his lifetime before slaughter, uses enough fresh water to float a large naval ship. A large naval ship. Imagine that again! Just one cow.

Now, we have fossil fuel waste. One hamburger costs thousands of miles of transportation, all the way from the pasture to the feedlot, then all the way to slaughterhouse, and then to the market. So, no matter if you try to buy your food locally to save emissions or not, you can't win if you eat meat. There is much more greenhouse gas that goes into this hamburger. In fact, one hamburger uses up 6.5 pounds of fossil fuels, or about a quarter gallon of gasoline. That's over 16 times the amount needed for one full, nutritious vegan meal.

Now, we have health hazard. There is also the cost in lives. In just one hamburger patty, there are pieces of dozens, or sometimes even hundreds of individual cows, all their flesh mixed together. And you're getting more than what you think you're buying. You're buying a health hazard. There is saturated fat which causes heart disease and stroke, there are also extra things, such as growth-inducing hormones, traces of antibiotics that are fed regularly to the poor cows - the actual bacteria that are resistant to those antibiotics. These resistant bacteria are called superbugs.

So, the added cost here is a multi-fold risk to our health. There are even more costs after the hamburger is eaten. For example, a woman loses 28 milligrams of calcium after eating just one hamburger, which weakens her bones. And there is rampant risk of potentially deadly E. coli infection, as beef is a primary source of this bacteria. And again, there are risks of heart disease, cancer, mad cow disease, bird flu, pig disease, swine flu and other meat-related diseases. We also have other human costs like the poor families being pushed off their land for cattle production; the adults and children of the world who are perishing due to hunger; the grief and sorrow of the families who lost loved ones due to meat-related diseases, etc., etc.

As for the bigger picture of how much meat eating is costing our planet - the cows in such unnaturally huge numbers, more than 1 billion on the planet, are responsible for more than 50% or even far more, of total greenhouse gas emissions on Earth. Nitrous oxide, which is 300 times more potent than CO2, is being emitted in vast quantities from the fertilizers required to produce the food crops for the cattle. The livestock industry produces at least 67% of all the world's nitrous oxide emissions.

So, a hamburger, as you can see, is clearly unaffordable, not only in global warming, but also in deforestation, soil erosion and desertification, water shortage, water pollution, loss of biodiversity - not to mention the negative health and bad karmic (retribution) consequence prices we also have to pay - and loss of lives, precious lives. Thank you so much for asking. MC (m): Thank you, Master.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Thank her for me - Ms. Loredo. And thank her for being vegetarian, and her husband. MC (f): Yes, sure, Master.

MC (m): The next question is for Mr. Zevallos from Delfina Cabrera de Garcia, a secretary.

Delfina Cabrera de Garcia (f): Thank you and good afternoon. In our city of Lima, what would be the best preventive action to stop global warming from worsening?

Dr. Zevallos (m): Well, in the case of our large capital with 8 million inhabitants, and growing at a dizzying speed with a very high consumption of natural resources, mainly water, which is so necessary for this city that is located in a desert, the great contribution we can make as citizens is to have good management of water because we have a very fragile situation here. There is an increasing lack of water in our country; the quantity of water is decreasing and in worse quality in Peruvian households, and we already had a water crisis in this city in 1990-91, as you remember well.

There was a big crisis during which we had to ration the use of water in Lima, that was when people started to build these water tanks in their own homes in order to store water to have it during the times in which water was unavailable or rationed. These situations of rationing of water in the future will worsen due to global warming and climate change. Thank you. MC(f): Mr. Zevallos. Thank you for your important message.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Thank you.

MC (f): Master, the next question is from Gloria Narváez, but she's not here today, so I'm going to read the question in English directly for you. How do we handle the situation in the future if the effects of global warming continue, Master?

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Yes, it's a difficult question. Not only us but so many world leaders and scientists are also worrying about this. The truth is, we are already not able to handle such situations in places where global warming is already reaching extreme degrees. Some countries and communities have to cope with worsened drought situations. There is not enough water to raise crops or even to drink. Their rivers and lakes are drying up or completely gone. Please refer to SupremeMasterTV.com for more information.

Glaciers melt in many places so dramatically that one moment there are massive floods, and soon after, a drought. So how can we handle the mass migration of tens of millions of people all at once due to desertification, the rising sea levels or the permanent loss of crop fields? It's very difficult and maybe even impossible. And it's not just numbers. Every child, family, and society will be affected in some way by this experience of trauma and tragedy.

We are not ready for the changes that are coming. We are not ready at all. We are not prepared enough. Some of the changes are even anticipated to be unexpected, because there are many complicated interacting factors. The wisest action would be to fix the situation we have now and prevent further damage, then we won't even have to worry about the future. All the leading scientists we have spoken to tell us one and the same: that we must handle it now, not tomorrow.

The smartest way would be to stop the worsening of global warming by being vegan. It sounds very simple but it is the best solution, the most effective and the effect of it will be felt almost immediately. Without this main, most time-effective change, no matter what we try to do, it won't be enough to repel the worst consequences that we have accumulated. Moreover, the problems we already face now - such as the warming atmosphere, water shortage, food scarcity, desertification - we can quickly eliminate by stopping meat production. Stop it now, no further!

So please, tell Ms. Narváez and everyone else, before the situation gets any more out of hand - let's choose the vegan diet. The future effects will be greatly eased. Only then will we have a manageable situation. Please thank Ms. Narváez for her concern. And please tell her to do her part - means be veg, go green, so we can all save the planet. Thank you very much. MC (m): Thank you, Master.

MC (m): The next question is for Mr. Pauls from Ninfa Del Pozo. Mrs. Ninfa Del Pozo is not here, so we are going to read the question directly: How much does the vegetarian diet help in stopping global warming?

Mr. Pauls (m): Master has just responded to that, I think. I am not a scientist, I only base it on impressions and feelings, on my conscience and on my experience. I just think that it seems to be the only direct and fastest solution, because apparently we have very little time. I think that it is the immediate solution. Of course, we have to change many attitudes that human beings have towards natural resources and the devastation of the planet. We should not forget to be concerned about water and not throw away waste. Let's start talking also about many other things that over time end up affecting a lot. But as a long time vegetarian, I'd say, of course, that this would greatly help the environment.

MC (f): Thank you for that important message, Mr. Pauls.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Thank you.

MC (f): Master, the next question is from José Luis Perez Albella Beráun and he is not here today. He is a vegan doctor and nutritionist who would like to ask you the next question.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Please, go ahead.

MC (f): How can we make our life much simpler and harmonious despite all the material things around us?

Supreme Master Ching Hai: How? Yes, it's a very noble-minded question. I agree with him. Simple living and high thinking are the secrets to a long and happy life. One of the best ways to bring simplicity into our lives he's already doing in choosing the vegan diet; I am very happy to see that. Living without killing or bringing harm to other beings can restore harmony and health to yourself and the world around us faster than most anything else.

Especially for such a busy life as his, Dr. Beráun, where caring for others is a part of his profession, the love and compassion of the animal-free, or vegan diet gives you more strength, patience and understanding.

Another way to cultivate simplicity is to spend time also in the tranquility of nature, or create a natural environment at home where we can go for peace and quiet. Reading mind-uplifting books such as spiritual scriptures, as well as practicing meditation, are also good ways to remind ourselves that we truly don't need much to be happy and live a contented, peaceful life. People who meditate, according to scientific research conducted in the US on meditation, no matter what religion they came from, or even if they don't think they believe in God, meditation is still beneficial and, in fact, has been found to help in remaining calm and serene, as well as giving an optimistic outlook on life.

Being vegan, as Dr. Beráun is, also helps considerably in benefiting from meditation, because he already purified his system by removing toxic meat and animal products from his diet. So, the combination of practices like meditation along with daily harmonious living through the vegan diet will lead to a simpler life, with fewer material desires but still full of happiness and contentment. I hope this answers the question for Dr. Beráun. I wish him the best and I thank him for doing his part for the world to save the world as a vegan and a vegan doctor even. Please send him my love and my friendship. Thank you very much, my friend. MC (f): Thank you, Master.

MC (f): The next question is for our panelist, Mr. Zevallo, from Maria Helena Cortez who has left this question for him. Maria Helena Cortez Guardamio is a representative from the Association Ninos Indigo. How can we eliminate the toxins in the atmosphere?

Mr. Zevallo (m): Well, I think we are in a world of consumerism and also of waste. We think and we act as if the planet's resources will never become exhausted and that is not true. There are many resources that can be exhausted and we should be more responsible - not only those who encourage consumerism but also those who are victims of that, and we act with irresponsibility, wasting goods and products.

In fact, what we see is the need for fundamental changes in our way of living. It is necessary to encourage a culture of prevention that anticipates future problems that are coming and for us to make fundamental changes, not only in the economy, or in the way we manufacture, but also in the way we consume goods which are available. The fundamental message regarding the excessive industrial production, many times unnecessary, which creates many needs in the world: let's be moderate and ration the supply of goods that society needs. Thank you very much.

MC (f): Thank you, Mr. Zevallo. Master, Pilar Sanllehi Bracesco would like to ask you the next question. She is a biologist and also the director of the Amazon Shelter.

Pilar Sanllehi Bracesco(f): Thank you for answering all the questions. Pilar Sanllehi Bracesco (f): In which way a vegetarian diet has an influence in the spiritual life of people?

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Hallo, Ms. Bracesco.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Yes. Being veg is beneficial for any kind of spiritual advancement. In fact, all the wise, ancient teachings of sages since time immemorial have highlighted the importance of a benevolent plant-based diet. It is a fundamental requirement of a spiritual practitioner. The concept behind forgoing animal products is ahimsa - meaning nonviolence.

By partaking of a vegan diet, we also avoid the bad retribution of killing and thus it will not burden and obstruct our spiritual journey. I'm sure you are familiar with this principle, Ms. Bracesco, in your work to save and protect the animals. Being vegan simply means that we protect all the animals. This killing of other beings must be stopped for humanity to evolve as a civilization. The benefits of doing so are manifold. Besides the restoration of health, biodiversity will be allowed to thrive, planet equilibrium restored, along with the easing of our own conscience and our capacity for elevated consciousness.

All these are the fruits of a more compassionate diet. This loving attitude also creates a more peaceful atmosphere that brings greater comfort to all beings. At peace with ourselves in the knowledge that we did not cause anguish or pain to our fellow animal brethren, we will have the inner tranquility to pursue our spiritual endeavors wholeheartedly. Before we expect the lion to lay down peacefully with the lamb, we humans must do it first.

As long as the humans cannot even lay down peacefully with the lamb, causing all the anguish, fear, sorrow, oppression to weaker beings and defenseless animals, we cannot realize this heavenly dream as the lion will lie beside the lamb. So we must return to our compassionate self. We must return to our glorious status as the children of God. We have to bring Heaven to Earth. Thank you, Ms. Bracesco. God bless your noble work in preserving the precious lives of the animals. God bless you! MC (f): Thank you, Master, for your wisdom.

Oscar Simacha Aumada Architect: I'm in the process of transforming towards vegetarianism. To have love is a consequence of acquiring perfection as a human being. That drives you to be a vegetarian, to love selflessly. Vegetarianism is a favorable and positive development of human beings.

Lao GarciaGraphic designerVegetarian (m): We always support all of this work that Master Ching Hai does with great pleasure and good will. More than anything, in regards to climate change, we strongly encourage the complete and cessation of meat eating. Be veg, go green! and save the planet!

Máximo ReateConference participantVegetarian smtv (m): Would you recommend that young people and children be vegetarians?

(m): Yes, of course. It's the best to preserve health, avoid diseases and save the planet. Be veg! Go green! Save the planet!

Sofía Firle Chavarría EspejoConference participantVegetarian (f): I wanted to say to all young people and children and adults to please look after the water, and to be vegetarians to enable them to save the environment and the planet. Be veg! Go green! Save the planet!

RonaldConference participant Supreme Master TV (m): Did you hear anything interesting tonight?

R(m): The work carried out by Master Ching Hai about caring for the environment, everything she is doing to care for it and what she promotes, what she does for charity work in favor of other people.

Supreme Master TV (m): And, are you thinking about adopting a vegan diet?

R(m): Yes, I would like to follow it. it seems to be very interesting and also healthier, and it is something much better for the environment.

Supreme Master TV (m): Alberto, what have you learnt tonight that you can use in your own life?

A(m): That it's good to be a vegetarian to save the world faced with this problem that we have of global warming. So that's why we should be vegetarian to save the planet.
The methane gas emitted for that piece of meat alone weighs 1.2 ounces, but it has the same heat-trapping effect as 1.3 pounds of CO2, because methane is very potent.
MC (f): Now, Mr. Nicolas Pauls, our panelist, has 2 questions for you, Master.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Yes, but he knows everything. He knows everything already. He probably asks for others' sake. Okay, go ahead. Welcome.

Mr. Nicolas Pauls (m): Hallo, Master. Thank you. We know about the economic interest behind the meat industry, so the question is: What do you think is the way to inform about this truth, the importance of the meat industry in relation to global warming when neither government nor mainstream media talk about that? And the other question is, how should the disassembling of the meat industry take place? Let's imagine an ideal situation when the entire world stops eating meat, but what would happen with these six billion cows? Where would they go? What would their life be like?

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Thank you. Good afternoon, Mr. Pauls. How are you?

Mr. Pauls (m): Very well, thank you. Supreme Master Ching Hai: Thank you, too.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: I'm glad to see that you are a vegan yourself and you look a picture of perfection - healthy, handsome, intelligent. Congratulations! In your question of how to communicate the truth about meat, the first thing I can say is that you are already living this truth by example. So, congratulations again for that. (Mr. Nicolas Pauls (m):Thank you.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: To respond to your question about the way to convey the truth about the meat industry and its role in global warming, we cannot wait for the government and the media to get the message out. We have very little time now. So it might be too late by the time the government and the media get involved. Although I see the good trend now in the media that they report more about global warming and the solution than before, and some parts of the world, some small governmental agency has begun to advise people to eat less meat. But it's too slow. It's too slow for my liking and too slow to help our planetary problem.

So, it is we, the ordinary people, we must inform them instead. We must take the lead. We must do it by example. And you would be one of the natural agents for this kind of message since you are already well-known and I'm sure well-loved by the public. Well, I love you already. So I'm sure everybody else loves you. Everybody else love him there? Yes or no? See? See that? MC(f): Yes, it's true. Yes, of course.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Yes, he's handsome, healthy, successful, lovable, intelligent, and so loving and kind to the defenseless animals. Anyone who loves defenseless animals would love other human beings even more so. And this is exactly what is needed right now. We have to inform people of the truth and we have to live by that truth. We have to inform also by example, like what you are doing.

Through our Supreme Master Television and materials such as the Alternative Living flyer, the SOS flyer, we try to do that as well - to explain to people the real cause of the imbalance on our planet. As you are probably very well aware, the facts themselves are very plentiful now. Starting with the 2006 United Nations report, “Livestock's Long Shadow,” which identified the livestock industry as emitting more greenhouse gases than all the entire transportation sector combined.

Even more recently, scientists have stated that the percentage of emissions coming from livestock could total more than 50% of the harmful gases driving global warming today. So, the scientists are doing their best to inform the public about the dire situation we are facing now. But it is up to us, all of us, to decide whether or not we should save our planet, save our family, save our children. And we can help to do the rest in sharing information about the most effective solution.

Fortunately, this solution not only works, it is readily available immediately to everyone. A vegan diet, free of animal products, and even better organic vegan - these are the keys to human and planetary survival. As for what we can do about the interests of the meat industry, we must be very steadfast in conveying what we know to be the real truth, and sharing it as far and wide as possible.

We can write letters to all these meat-industrial- responsible persons and tell them all these truths. We gather information and send it to them. Tell them they should change their profession. Tell them they should change to save the planet. Tell them they should be organic vegan farmers instead, or many other jobs nowadays - green technology. This truth, our need to stop the killing of animals, is the only one that will stabilize the Earth physically, as well as bringing peace and restoring hope to humans and the planet.

So please, help us spread this message, Mr. Pauls, and you will see the change that comes from more and more people returning to a humane, considerate way of life. I have said before, we can have Eden on Earth, and it is true. Please do join in spreading this message as much as you can in your capacity as a celebrity so you can see for yourself. Thank you for your question and your loving care. Thank you for being so kind to all of us by being kind to the animals. Thank you for doing your part in saving the planet. Thank you very much. Mr. Nicolas Pauls (m): Thank you.

MC (f): Thank you very much, Master.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: You're welcome.

MC (f): Master, Juan Gino Rossi Castro, a vegan engineer would like to ask you the next question.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Yes. Please.

Juan Gino Rossi Castro (m): Good afternoon, Master. (Supreme Master Ching Hai: Good afternoon.) My question is, in respecting the free will that God bestows upon human beings, why does humankind destroy the planet that is their own home, damaging themselves and damaging their co-inhabitants? The best example of this is what is happening with global warming, knowing that the consequences could be very serious, similar to what happened on the planet Mars. Why doesn't God stop this before it reaches a critical point? Thank you, Master.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Good afternoon, Mr. Castro. Another vegan! Very nice to see you! I'm glad you are vegan. For your question about free will and why humankind destroys their home planet, it is not that most humans intend to destroy. Many simply do not understand, are not informed. They don't realize the harmful emissions of the livestock industry, or that killing begets killing, and they are not aware that meat is another kind of addictive poison. They are not aware that meat is destroying our planet.

So that's what we try to do now, to help inform people of the planetary benefits of being meat-free as well as remind about the preciousness of all life and of being compassionate. In fact, the more that we find out about the meat industry, the more we know that it's a filthy, cruel enterprise where animals are tormented in their short lives from birth to their early death. But some of these facts are not easy to uncover, partly because the ones who sell the meat do everything to make it look attractive instead of telling the truth.

And the meat industry is often hidden from the public eyes so it's not easily detected by ordinary people - and then we can run out of time all too quickly. Like you mentioned on Mars, for example, the people did not know about the meat and killing karma (retribution). So at least you know and I know, and we tell as many people as possible, so that they also know. We have to be veg to save the planet! Your question as to why God didn't stop it before it was too late, you answered yourself, Mr. Castro. God does not interfere with free will.

And if the people don't know, they may sadly choose from ignorance. But we have the chance to change all that now, because we know what we need to change. We know that the vegan diet is the only way, the fastest way. It's the only way to cool and save the planet. So, with the help of people such as yourself, we can surely do just that. Please, help spread the message to be veg, go green, and save the planet! Thank you, sir.

MC (f): Thank you, Master, for this vital information. Master, the last two questions are from David Román, President of the Vegetarian Union in Spain who has sent his questions via video.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Please. Welcome.

David Roman on video (m): I have a question for you. There is talk about predictions, both on a scientific level as well as other kinds, which talk about a profound change that we are going to experience in the year 2012. Could we see a positive turn in climate change in that year? My next question is: We often talk about helping animals, that we have to help them, but, is it not true that animals help us in many ways?

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Yes. Greetings, President of the Spanish Vegetarian Union. Thank you for your exemplary leadership in being veg and for your work to support others in the same. I really appreciate your efforts, as do the many animals whose lives are spared due to your effort. Regarding predictions or forecasts for the year 2012 from the scientific community and others, it is true that our situation is indeed urgent.

In fact, there is not a moment to lose. We can see everywhere reflections of a planet in trouble, with monsoons and flooding in one location and people losing their harvests and drinking water to drought in another. One way that our world can be preserved and stabilized is through everyone's change to a compassionate lifestyle, choosing organic vegan diet, which not only eliminates methane and other toxic, heat-trapping greenhouse gases emissions from the livestock industry, but the organic part takes care of harmful fertilizer chemicals and allows the soil to absorb a huge amount of atmospheric CO2.

As for whether we could see a positive turn in the climate in the year 2012, we surely hope for the current trend to continue and the planet's future to be assured by then. I have mentioned before that we have already reached the veg critical mass on Earth - meaning that the momentum created by the number of people who have already become veg is like a wave that is helping others join in. But we still need everyone in the world to be veg because of how long we have waited to make such a change.

So now we need 100% of the world population to be veg to save our world. We have to change before it is too late to change. Because if we don't change now, later when we want to change, it won't be helpful anymore. And yes, Mr. Román, you are surely correct that helping animals helps us.

They do give in so many ways! They are here to give. They are here to help us. This is another reason that we must be vegan. We must protect their lives because their lives are our lives. They're here to balance the planetary atmosphere. They're here to help heal us and heal the planet. We must protect their lives. We must act in a compassionate way. It is true that we need to stop the global warming emissions, but equally important is to stop killing the beings that have done nothing wrong but only offer us their love and immeasurable services.

Besides my own inner communication with the animals, there are many other people who are very gifted in this realm, known as animal telepathic communicators, who themselves have revealed messages from such noble beings, such as dogs, horses, birds, seals, whales, etc. These animals wish to convey only their abiding love for humanity and their desire to remain on Earth so that they can continue transmitting that love. It, of course, makes no sense that we would ever consider killing such beautiful hearts and souls as these! They are the best friends to all of us, and this is another reason that we need to change to a no-kill society. In doing that, all humans will comprehend more clearly the vast gifts bestowed upon us by the animal kingdom. Thank you, Mr. Román, for your caring question. May God bless you with every fulfilled endeavor in your life.

MC(f): Thank you for enlightening us with your love, Master.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: I thank you, also.

MC (f): Beloved Master and distinguished panelists, this concludes our question-and-answer session. Beloved friends, we are certain that questions such as these in this session have been very important.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Very important.

MC (f): Yes, Master. Because we have cleared up many doubts and have opened up many alternatives for the solution of the problem of global warming. Supreme Master Ching Hai, distinguished guests, all our friends, this concludes our conference “Global Warming: Yes, There is a Solution!” It has been very important to hear each one of our invited guests because they have demonstrated that the problems about global warming do have solutions, and even more importantly, these solutions are in our hands.

So now it's time to act! Let's do it! There are many institutions all over the world, which are very dedicated, working diligently, such as Supreme Master Ching Hai has shown us, giving us much hope and solutions which are achievable for each one of us. If we really love ourselves, we should have compassion for the lives of our co-inhabitants and younger brothers, the animals. And we want to preserve the beauty of our planet Earth. We must act immediately.

From this moment, let's each and every one of us commit ourselves to saving our lives, the lives of our loved ones, of the future generation and all the beings on this planet. Let's pledge to be veg to save the planet! So, yes, let's be veg, go green, and save our planet! If you would like to support in helping our planet by declaring a “meat-free” diet, go to meatfreepetition.com organized by the Meat-Free Movement to sign the petition. Now, we invite Master to close-up this beautiful conference.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Thank you, thank you. I would like to thank all the eloquent and distinguished speakers for this event. I also appreciate all of you, the bright and loving audience members, for caring about the Earth and coming here today to bring to light the important task of all of us that we have to save this precious planet. This is the only home that we have and thank you, your organizers, for making this meeting possible. May we all be encouraged by the fact that the best, lasting changes start with our own lifestyle; it is the same with saving the planet. Each one of us is responsible; and to encourage others as well.

Because simple, organic vegan diet is the only lifestyle change that is really necessary to restore our shared home. I would like to thank you again for your active efforts to make a difference. I hope together we can really save this beautiful planet. For those of you who are already vegan - bravo! and thank you. With the organic vegan lifestyle as part of everyone's heroic mission, our efforts together will surely bring a safe and saved world for both humans and our beloved animal co-inhabitants. I wish you all the best and Heaven's abundant blessings to the gentle-hearted people of Peru and beautiful South America. Thank you. MC(f): Thank you, Master.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: By the way, I would like to report to you something apart from that. I want to report to you about the current climate change effects in your country because it's important that you know about this.

The latest report by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change spoke of Latin America's vulnerability to severe climate impacts.

Peru is among the first to feel these impacts, as seen in the following: 1. Farmers in the Cusco highlands are suffering already from irregular, scarcer rain and extreme heat.

2. Due to excessive heat and droughts over the last 12 years, 140,000 hectares of potatoes and corn have been ruined - equal to food that could have fed 11 million people in the country. It's been ruined.

3. In the central Piura area, springs that used to provide drinking water until recently are drying up.

4. Mosquitoes causing dengue fever are also being seen for the first time in Piura, as they spread to new areas due to climate change.

5. Peru is home to 70% of the entire range of Andean glaciers, with peaks that supply the country's people with both water and hydroelectric power; however, these are all expected to disappear by 2015, just a few more years.

6. The glaciers in the Andes mountain range so far lost more than 20% of their volume. This is threatening the water supply for 30 million people. In Peru, the loss to glaciers is equivalent to 10 whole years of water supply for Lima city.

7. The Cordillera Blanca, a snow-topped northern mountain range of your country, sometimes called “Peruvian Switzerland,” you know about it, has been steadily disappearing due to climate change.

8. A warming climate has resulted in the 2008 disappearance of the Quilca Mountain snow cap, and in 2007 the Broggi Glacier also vanished, disappeared completely.

9. In early 2009, the Quilca Glacier disappeared completely. Now it's gone. It's gone now.

10. With 8 of the country's water basins already noted as being insufficient to meet people's needs, Peru's President Garcia announced in 2008 the construction of two desalination plants to try to address the water scarcity. It's that urgent already in Peru.

11. Dwindling water supplies have caused escalating tensions and even conflicts to erupt as many people, including disadvantaged farmers, don't have enough water, or are struggling for their share.

12. By 2020, it is predicted that up to 77 million people in Latin America will face water shortages.

13. In the past 6 years, Peru had at least 3 extreme temperature events and floods affecting more than 500,000 people. Within just 30 years, floods increased by more than 60%, and mudflows increased by 400%.

14. President Garcia declared a state of emergency in 2009 due to climate change-related severe cold and freezing conditions in the southern Andes that caused the death of nearly 250 children, and sickened many others. I have contributed my humble share to purchase children's warm clothes for this matter. But this is not the permanent solution. The permanent solution is we have to stop this happening again. We have to stop climate change. We have to stop this kind of disaster that kills the children in Peru and sickens many other children as well as adults and the vulnerable like the elders, the weak and already sick.

15. In Chimbote, Peru, heavy pollution from 40 fishmeal manufacturers causes documented human illness and increasing oceanic dead zones, with the ground-up fish being fed to caged salmon, creating yet another environmental imbalance and sickness to humans.

Thank you very much for your attention. I hope this report gives the people of Peru, Latin Americans, and the world a little more wake-up call. I thank you for your attention and I thank you in advance for whatever you will do on your part to save your country and to save the world. God bless you all. God bless the people of Peru. Thank you very much.

MC(f): Thank you very much, Master, for your enlightening information. We would like also to express our gratitude to our three panelists who have honored us with their presence here in this conference. Thank you very much, everyone.

MC (f): Thank you very much for your valuable presence. Thank you, Master. Thank you for your love.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: You're welcome. Bless you. MC(f): Thank you.

[In Spanish] Cecilia Brack Mendiola (f): She's a very well-informed person, and though she is such a spiritual person who devotes her life to compassion, to help people, she's a person who has searched for information about our country, which really satisfied me because you can see she knows. Because she has said that our country, as scientists have said, is a country that is going to have serious trouble with the global warming issue. And people don't realize that and so, let's hope that such a reliable voice, so kind as hers, will draw the attention for everyone of us to take action on the things we must do from our home because things have to start at home.

Raúl SierraArtist R (m): She (Supreme Master Ching Hai) is a great lady who is giving a global message. I have seen her curriculum in which she says many true things, that the world is in a state of deterioration, I repeat, through our fault because we don't care for animals, the vegetation, and water which is constantly decreasing.

Manuel Regalado BernalPsychologist & biologistDoctor of holistic healthVegetarian (m): The main advice as a biologist is to plant enough trees, as many as possible.

Try not to kill animals because animals are our best friends. Therefore, we shouldn't do this indiscriminate slaughter of living beings that are our younger brothers. And I believe this is one of the major goals in order to stop killing animals and preserve them to get a perfect balance among men, animals, and nature and the plants.

Be veg and go green to save the planet Earth.

Oscar SenmacheConference participant O (m): Well, I am very, very grateful for this nice sharing that contributes to raising awareness about this problem that affects not only the human race, but also animals, plants, minerals, and the climate. O (m): So, for my part, I am considering very seriously all instructions from the Master. The solution is very simple, isn't it? O (m): Human beings have to vibrate in only one purpose, which is to save the planet.

María del Rocío Cruz FrischConference participant MR (f): So, it's important to us as Peruvians, as Latin-Americans in general, to become aware about the meaning of this issue of global warming. MR (f): And what we can personally contribute in our homes or in our work, so, we have to put in effort so this cannot happen anymore, to do something to delay it.

Luis RodríguezConference participantVegetarian The fastest solution, the most successful one that we have is to be vegetarian, or vegan. For each one of us, it is the quickest solution. We should not wait. Nothing more than that. The solution is within us. Be vegetarian now. Do not wait a single minute, a day.

MiriamConference participantVegetarian M (f): Be veg! Go green! Save the world!

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