* Traditional Aulacese Pudding , * Raw Salad with Mint Soyannaise Sauce * Crispy Vegan Meatballs,* French Fries - September 14, 2008    Part 2
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Traditional Aulacese (Vietnamese) Pudding
Raw Salad with Mint Soyannaise Sauce
Fried Vegan Shrimp Wrapped in Rice Paper
Crispy Vegan Meatballs French Fries

Traditional Aulacese (Vietnamese) Pudding
Glutinous rice
1 cup of black beans
2 teaspoons of cinnamon powder
1/2 teaspoon of salt
1 1/2 cups of brown sugar
Coconut milk (optional)
Raw Salad
Green beans
Bell Pepper
Spring Onions
Beetroot (optional)
Leek (optional)
Mint Soyannaise Sauce
Vegan mayonnaise (optional: olive oil and vinegar)
1 fermented soya cube
Peppermint, finely chopped (optional: dill, coriander or parsley)
Pinch of brown sugar (optional)
Soya sauce
Fried Vegan Shrimp
Wrapped in Rice Paper
Vegan shrimp
Rice paper
Oil for frying
Crispy Vegan Meatballs
Vegan ham paste
Oil for frying
Ground black pepper (optional)
Chili (optional)
Coriander, finely chopped (optional)
for French Fries (Potato Chips)
Oil for frying
Black pepper (optional)
Dipping sauces
Soya sauce
Soy paste
Chili sauce

Directions (to make Pudding) :
1. Boil some glutinous rice (sticky rice) and a cup of black beans or black soya that is soaked overnight. Use enough water in the beginning and along cooking you can add water little by little if it is too thick.
2. Stir it up a little bit in the beginning so that the rice doesn’t stick to the bottom.
3. After around half an hour, you have to check to see if it is okay already. Or maybe 40 minutes, it depends on your cooker and how fast you cook.
4. When the pudding is boiling, stir it a little bit so the sticky rice and the beans will not stick at the bottom of the pot then turn the heat low.
5. Let it simmer up to 40 minutes, occasionally stir it and check if it needs more water.
6. If it is all open and it becomes thick and sticky then put in sugar, cinnamon, and salt. Test if it is already sweet enough for you, if not you’re allowed to put more sugar.
7. Allow it to simmer for a couple more minutes then remove from the heat and put it in some bowls.
8. You can eat it hot or cold, or with coconut milk.

Directions (to make Raw Salad):
1. Wash the salad, soak them in salty water for 3 to 5 minutes and rinse them several times in filtered water.
2. Cut them into finger-sized, bite-sized, and arrange it in a bowl.

Directions (to make Mint Soyannaise Sauce):
1. Mix vegan mayonnaise or mayo soya with a little fermented soya (you can buy them in supermarket).
2. Chop some peppermint or coriander or dill or parsley. You have to chop it real fine this time. And you put it in the soya mayonnaise with the fermented soya cube.
3. Put a little of soya sauce because the mayonnaise is kind of thick.
4. Then you mix it together so that the fermented soya blend well with the mayonnaise or vegannaise. Just use a fork to mash it together with the peppermint there. Mash it real fine.
5. If you like, put a little brown sugar. If you don’t have mayonnaise in your house, you can use vinegar and soya oil or olive oil, beat them together.

Directions (to make Fried Shrimp Wrapped in Rice Paper):
1. Put the rice paper quickly into the warm water. Shake it well so it doesn’t get too wet.
2. Cut it into two. Each half for one vegan shrimp.
3. Break the vegan shrimp a little bit in the middle so that we can have the tail sticking out when it is wrapped.
4. Wrap and roll the whole vegan shrimp and leave the tail outside, so it looks cute.
5. Fry them.

Directions (to make Crispy Vegan Meatballs ):
1. Mashed vegan ham.
2. Dip mashed vegan ham in the breadcrumbs and roll it in the breadcrumbs so it becomes like a ball or make it in long shape.
3. You may add ground black pepper and fine chop coriander as a flavor but it is optional depend on your taste.
4. Fry all.

Directions (to make French Fries):
1. Fry all potatoes
2. You may add black pepper depand on your taste.

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