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Happy New Year 2012 from the Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association & Friends
2011: A Year in Review
Sean Penn – Movie Icon and Committed Humanitarian
2011 Christmas Celebration with our Association Members and Friends
Mama Rosy of Mexico – Always by the Children’s Side (In Spanish)
Devoted to Love: Sain Zahoor, Sufi Musician from Pakistan – P1/2 (In Urdu)
Sounds of Samba – Musical Essence of Brazil (In Portuguese)
Climate Change and the Organic Vegan Solution in the Media
Dr. Ian Clarke – Bringing Health Care and Change to Uganda – P1/2
Lý Chơn Tâm and the Wish-fufilling Gem - P1/3 (In Aulacese)
South Africa – Protecting the Seals
The Museum of Civilizations in Dschang, Cameroon (In Bassa)
Two Chilean Men, One Family, Many Grateful Lives (In Spanish)
Celebrating the Birthday of Guru Nanak Dev Ji (In Punjabi)
The Humble Valor of a Boy and a Trio of Teens
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