The Hotel Called Life P1/2 June 23, 2001 Fresno, CA, USA
Parliament of the World's Religions - P1/2 December 1-2, 1999 Cape Town, South Africa (In Zulu)
Listen Inwardly to Our Self-Nature P1/3 May 5, 2005 Taoyuan, Formosa
Enlightenment Is the Tool For Everything P1/3 April 14, 1993 Washington, D. C., USA
The True Christ Power - P1/3 May 30, 1999 Helsinki, Finland (In Finnish)
Lao Tzu, Chuang Tzu and the Heavenly Music February 28, 1993, Formosa (In Formosan)
Fill Life with Love and Wonder - P1/2 May 18, 1999 Sofia, Bulgaria (In Bulgarian)
Success Is Achievable through Nonstop Trying May 14, 1993, Busan, South Korea (In Korean)
An Interview with Supreme Master Ching Hai by TV and Radio Host Judith Conrad December 27, 1993, California, USA
The Living Messiah of Our Time - P1/4 September 3,1994, Hawaii, USA
Look within to See Our Real Self - P1/3 March 16, 1990 Tainan, Formosa (Taiwan) (In Formosan)
Reunion of the Souls - P1/3 April 27, 2000 Auckland, New Zealand
To Convince People By Magical Power is to Interfere With Nature - P1/3 April 17, 1993 - Canada
Auspicious Locations for Leaders' Headquarters, a Boon for World Peace - P1/2 August 24, 2011
World Vegan, World Peace: A Conscious Choice - P2/10 Chicago, Illinois, USA August 11, 2011
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