* Gluten Protein (Seitan) with Creamy Vegan Pear Sauce * Boiled Fresh Vegetables November 27, 2008   
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Gluten Protein (Seitan) with Creamy Vegan Pear Sauce Boiled Fresh Vegetables

Gluten Protein (Seitan)
200 grams of gluten flour
1 cup of water
Creamy Vegan Pear Sauce
2-3 tablespoon of
olive oil or any cooking oil
½ small pear
1 cup of soya milk
Mushroom seasoning
Vegetable seasoning
1 teaspoon
of whole black pepper
1 tablespoon flour
Ground black pepper (optional)
Pinch of salt
Maggi or soya sauce (optional)
Side Dish

  1. Put a little bit of water into the gluten flour. Put the water a little bit at a time.
  2. Use some fork or chopstick to stir the gluten flour.
  3. Mix it together to form a dough. Use hands to mix it all together until the dough become like a ball. Set it aside.
  4. Turn on the cooker and boil some water about half full of water.
  5. Meanwhile, to prepare the pear sauce, grate the pear or chop it very thin, and set it aside.
  6. Peel the zucchini and the pumpkin.
  7. Cut the zucchini either long, or round, or chunky round as preference.
  8. Cut also the pumpkin into reasonable size.
  9. When the water for the gluten dough already boil, divide the dough into two pieces and then put it into the water and cook it for 10 minutes.
  10. Meanwhile, take the frying pan, put about 2-3 tablespoons of oil and heat it up.
  11. Add in a pinch of salt.
  12. Add in the small pear and let it fry for a little while.
  13. Add in a teaspoon of whole pepper and a little bit of vegetable broth powder, a little bit of mushroom seasoning.
  14. Add in a little bit of flour into it and mix it all inside the pan.
  15. When the mixture turns to goldem, add in one cup of soya milk slowly.
  16. Let the sauce simmer on low heat.
  17. Now, take out the protein and cut it into smaller thinner pieces.
  18. While the water is still boiling, add in the zucchini and the pumpkin into the water. Use medium heat. Cover the pot. Let it boil for 5-10 minutes.
  19. Put in the protein slices into the sauce in the frying pan. Let it cook for 5-10 minutes. Use low heat so that the sauce can marinate in it. Cover the pan.
  20. Transfer the protein onto a plate and pour the sauce on it.
  21. Put the vegetables together with it.
  22. Ready to be served.

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