Christiane Becker: Insights of a German Telepathic Animal Communicator (In German)   

Halo, kindhearted viewers and welcome to Animal World: Our Co-Inhabitants. On today's program, Christiane Becker, a delightful telepathic animal communicator from Germany, tells us some amazing facts about the inner lives of our animal companions.

Through her personal discoveries gleaned from many years of experience, she shares fascinating information about horses who write poetry, pigs who advise us about human diseases, and gorillas who express their grief over the current state of our world. On  this two-part series, Mrs. Becker explains some of the ways in which animals telepathically communicate with us.

SupremeMasterTV (m): How do animals communicate?
CB (w): Animals communicate via words, through feelings, through bodily perceptions, which we perceive intuitively. Everybody knows if his animal is well, (or) if he is ill. We can see if he is happy or sad. We sense this rapidly and intuitively. We do not ponder this.

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