Raw Aulacese salad   
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Cabbage (or flower of banana)
Celery (optional)
Purple perilla (Lamiaceae)
(Aulacese: rau tía tô)
Saururis (Aulacese: rau dấp cá)
Sawtooth herb (Eryngium foetidum)
(Aulacese: ngò gai)
Vegan chicken (optional: vegan ham or vegan duck)
½ teaspoon salt


1 Cabbage core
½-1 Carrot
½ onion


½ teaspoon salt
2 Tablespoons Maggi or soy sauce 1 Tablespoon
white or red vinegar (optional: lemon)
¼ ½ Cup hot water
1 teaspoon sugar or fruit syrup
Raw Aulacese Salad
  1. Grate the carrot and the cabbage or just slice it very thinly and then chop it. Place it in a bowl.
  2. Add in about half a teaspoon of salt into the carrot and the cabbage and massage the salt into the vegetables so it will reduce in volume and still crunchy but not such a raw taste and not too overpower the mouth.
  3. Cut the celery side way and chop the peppermint as similar size to the carrot and cabbage.
  4. Soak herb vegetables in salty water for five minutes and then wash it well.
  5. Chop all the herbs into similar size or just throw them in without even have to chop. Put it into the bowl.
  6. Slice the vegan chicken or vegan ham or vegan duck after warm it up in the microwave and put it into the bowl.
  7. Serve with the sauce.
Sauce for Salad & Appetizer
  1. Add in about half a teaspoon of salt into a bowl, two tablespoons of Maggi, and one tablespoon of vinegar (lemon juice).
  2. Put about half a cup of hot water in it.
  3. Add some sugar of fruit juice as preference. Mix well.
  4. Spread it all over on top of the salad.
Pickled Veggies Appetizer
  1. Take the trunk of the cabbage and cut away the hardest part outside and save the tender round core inside it.
  2. Slice the core thinly.
  3. Put some onion cube.
  4. Put some chopped carrot.
  5. Add in the sauce and serve.