Between Master and Disciples - Breatharianism - Meet individuals who live without food 

Master Jue Tong: China’s Inspiring Waterian Nun (In Chinese)
Dirk Schröder: Expanding Limits - Living Full of Light
Maria Domenica Lazzeri: Blessed Meneghina and Servant of God (In Italian)
Jasmuheen: The Amazing Avatar of Pranic Living
Living Food-Free: Oleg Maslov, Russian Artist &Teacher of Conscious Breathing
Anne-Dominique Bindschedler: Balance through a Pranarian Lifestyle
Sun Yogi Uma Shankar: Messages from Mahavatar Babaji
Mary J. Fancher: The Brooklyn Enigma
Blessed Helen of Enselmini and Elizabeth the Good: Breatharians through Noble Ideals
Maria Furtner: The Water Drinker from Frasdorf (In German)
Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich: A 19th Century Breatharian Nun (In German)
Zinaida Baranova: More Than a Decade of Living on Prana
Nun Shi Hongqing of China: Breatharian for Over 20 Years
Sunyogi Umasankar:Becoming Food-free through Sun Yoga
Saint Mary Ann de Paredes: The Lily of Quito
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