Near Death Experiences: The Journey of the Soul
Laura Eisenhower on Restoring the Divine Feminine
Dr. Konstantin Korotkov:Seeing the Unseen With Electrophotonics - P1/3
Stephen Bassett: Enhancing Awareness of Human-Extraterrestrial Relations
Peter Canova: Unraveling the Mysteries of Creation and the Sacred Feminine
Jason Martell: Lost Knowledge from the Heavens
Ancient Astronauts: The History of UFO Visits to Earth
Tai Chi: In Harmony With Science
Pane Andov: Messages from Crop Circles about 2012 - P1/2
Harmony and Self-Realization through the Sound of the Planets
Psionic Researcher Pane Andov: Contact With Other Worlds
Dr. Jude Currivan: New Insights into the Conscious Universe
Panoramic Life Review: Dannion Brinkley on Near Death Experiences
Professor Dr. Ervin László: Global Ethics and Consciousness
Secrets of the Universe Revealed with Dolores Cannon, Psychic Researcher
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