Vegetarian Elite

Big Hair, Big Heart... Dreaming Big with Actress Hayley Marie Norman
Marina Devyatova:Beautiful Voice of Russian Music and Compassion - (In Russian)
Elizabeth Kucinich: Passionate Advocate for a Healthier United States and Beyond
In the Business of Saving Lives: Plant-Strong Firefighter Rip Esselstyn
Respect as the Philosophy of Life: Argentinean Actor, Musician, and Director Nicolás Pauls - (In Spanish)
British Government Leaders for a Vegan Era: MP Kerry McCarthy, MP Virendra Sharma & Green Party Deputy Leader Adrian Ramsay
A High Definition of Compassion:Tech Pioneer & Philanthropist Ady Gil-P1/2
Austrian Filmmaker Stefan Wolf: Visions of Paradise on Earth through Sustainable Eco-Communities (In German)
Love Prevails: Kashif Saleem, Grammy-nominated Musician & Humanitarian
Costa Rica’s Cesar Melendez & Cristina Bruno: Saving the World through Theater and Veganism - (In Spanish)
The Honorable Glen Pearson, Courageous Canadian Parliament Member & Philanthropist
Plant-powered Olympic Hopefuls: Distance Runner Jessica Sedlock & Ski Cross Racer Sven Winters
Actress, Vocalist & Choreographer Trina Parks: Vegan is Forever
Extreme Mountain Biking with Austrian Vegan Sports Scientist Dr. Katharina Wirnitzer - (In Austrian German)
Ultramarathoner Kristopher Aaron: Raw Veganism is the Diet of Endurance
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