Mary Hutton: Liberating Abused Bears in Asia
Australia’s Live Animal Trade: A Barbaric Business
Network for Animal Freedom’s: “Up Against the Wall: A Critical Look at Fur Production”
Behind Blood-Stained Slaughterhouse Walls
Inside the Barbaric Dog and Cat Meat Trade
Merciless Marine Murders: Captain Paul Watson on Protecting Our Oceans
In Cold Blood: The Scandalous Slaying of Snakes
Killing for a Living: The Traumatic Consequences of Slaughterhouse Work
Haunting Screams: Gary Yourofsky Unveils Cruelty Behind Closed Doors
Australia’s Fraser Island Dingoes - Victims of Greed
The Deadly Cost of Avian Flu
The Ruthless Slaughter of Reindeer (In Swedish)
The Depths of Despair - A Sow’s Life
Foot and Mouth Disease - The Horror of Live Burial
The Cycle of Death during Easter, Holiday of Rebirth
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