"Earthlings: Make the Connection" with Oscar-winning Actor Joaquin Phoenix
Imprisoned for Life:Marine Mammals in Captivity
Depths of Despair:The Callous Crime of Shark Finning
Skinning Lives: The Blood-Soaked Fur Industry
Fabrice Nicolino, Author of “The Meat Industry Threatens Our World”
Big Cats in Crisis: The Suffering and Exploitation of Endangered Tigers
Twitching in Agony - The Hidden Deaths of Our Equine Companions
The Killing of Australia’s Icon, the Innocent Kangaroos
Fowl Play – An Award-Winning Documentary by Mercy for Animals
Caged for Life: The Endless Tears of Mother Pigs
Foie Gras: Force Feeding Under Scrutiny
Under the Fur Coats: Rabbits’ Screams of Death
Stop the Live Sheep Export Death Ships
Cries Unheard:The Torture of Turkeys
Victims of Fowl Play: Chickens Condenmed to Squalid Factory Farms
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