Hunting: A Tradition of Inhumanity
Abuse of Horses - The Brutal Treatment of Selfless Beings
The Unconscionable Cruelty Behind Meat: An Interview with Dr. Jeffrey Masson
Endangering Life: Working at a Slaughterhouse
End the Torment of Our Fellow Beings:Heather Patrick of Mercy For Animals
Testing on Animals is Fundamentally Wrong: UK’s National Anti-Vivisection Society
“My Life as a Pig": The Unfathomable Pain of Pigs on Swedish Factory Farms (In Swedish)
An Industry without Conscience: "Skin Trade," A Documentary by Shannon Keith
Mercy For Animals’ Investigations: Deadly Factory Farms
Animal Experimentation: Blood-filled, Violent, and Unconscionable
Skinned Alive: Interview with the Director of “Skin Trade” Shannon Keith
Pushed to the Brink – The Sad Tale of Our Fish Friends
Zoos:Prisons for the Innocent
Dogs and Cats are Our Friends - Not Food or Fashion
Nathan Runkle, Founder of Mercy For Animals
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