Skinned Alive: The Atrocities of the Fishing Industry
Stop Animal Cruelty: An End to Murdering Whales
Unknown Horrors of Parent Bird Sheds
They Shoot Babies, Don’t They? The Canadian Seal Hunt
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Pig Farms, A Documentary: Dire Agony From First Breath till Last (In Spanish)
Cries of Agony from CAFOs (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations)
The Animals You Eat: A Film by Jodi Ruckley
Season of Suffering: Untold Tales of Animals on Your Plate
Pigs in Peril: Dutch Lawyer Hans Baaij on Porcine Welfare (In Dutch)
A Far Cry from Nature”: Why We Must End the Reptile Trade
PETA - Ending the Sham Science of Animal Testing
The Trauma-filled Lives of Turkeys
The Seal Hunt: A Barbarous Bloodbath
End the Torturous Trapping Industry: Say NO to Fur
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