Sent from Spain: Castilian Lentil Stew (In Spanish)
Turkish Cypriot Vegan Cuisine: Broad Beans with Chard & Water Pudding (In Turkish)
Chef & Author Marilyn Peterson’s Vegan Antipasto, Pimento Vegan Cream Cheese & Zucchetti Marinara
Vegan Italian Sausages & Tomato Salad with Oma’s German Potato Salad
Marvels, Miracles, and Oh So Many Monkeys! - Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary in Florida, USA
“Eat Pure” on World Vegan Day: Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins & Bananaberry Smoothie (In English)
Grandma's Vegan Polish Coulibiacs and Lemon Red Borscht - (In Polish)
“Loving Home”: A Mongolian Meal of Breaded Savory Soy Patties (In Mongolian)
Delight Your Palate with Compassion: Sankansoubo Vegan Japanese Cuisine
Zizi's Veg Restaurant - Award-winning Vegan Pioneers of North Carolina, USA
Chef André Vieland of Loving Hut São Paulo Presents Vegan Brazilian Moqueca (In Portuguese)
Traditional Atayal Veg Cuisine: Steamed Millet and Savory Bamboo (In Atayal)
St. Martin’s Animal Foundation: Home to Tail-Wagging Vegans
Organic Lives Raw Vegan Restaurant - "Bringing Awareness Back to Food"
Karyn Calabrese and Raw Vegan Foods to Stay Fabulously Forever Young
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